The Perception Lab is directed by Richard Russell and is located in the Gettysburg College Psychology Department. The lab studies visual perception and the perception of people. Research topics include makeup, the perception of age and health from the face, facial attractiveness, visual aesthetics and preferences, and the social organization of preferences. Please contact Richard Russell if you are interested in working in the Perception Lab.

Lab Director

Richard Russell


Carlota Batres


Weiqing Shen ('19)


Alex Lee Jones (Postdoc)
Jennifer Sweda (Research Assistant)
Aurelie Porcheron (Visiting Researcher)

Mary Beth Bielicki ('18)
Sarah Kramer ('17)
Bowen Yang ('16)
Aleksandra Petkova ('14)
Grace Qian Wei ('13)
Mike Behling ('13)
Lydia MacKenzie ('13)
Stephanie Tait ('12)
Alexandra Stoehr ('10)